Gooseberry Fool with McLauchlan’s PYO Berries

Picked some gooseberries from McLauchlan’s farm in Boxted and made a lovely fool with them. Read more for the recipe


500g Gooseberries
4-5 tbsp Caster Sugar depending sweet/sour desire
4 tbsp Elderflower Cordial
Juice of Half Lemon
10g Mint Leaves
350ml Double Cream
50g Icing Sugar

Firstly, top and tail gooseberries then rinse under water.

Add to pan with sugar, lemon and cordial and allow to simmer until soft and skins burst. Around 5-10 minutes. Take off heat and crush with fork. Add mint leaves, rolling them in your fingers first to release some flavour. Leave to cool for 2-3 hours or a day ahead.

Whip double cream until to very light peaks, not stiff. Sift in icing sugar to taste. Not too sweet.

Layer cream/gooseberries into a glass and swirll into a glass/small bowl.