Pinot Noir & Game Shootout

The Sun Inn Around Us


The game season is possibly one of our favorite times of year. All of a sudden there is an abundance of new types of meat, wild meat, full of flavour and so versatile. Wild mushrooms such as Chantarelles, Ceps and Girolles are at their best and the root vegetable and nut harvest has begun to pair with the game. It is also so exciting because it is an opportunity to match those flavours with great wine and in our humble opinion the finest match for game is the Nebbiolo and Pinot Noir grapes. As to which is the ‘best’, if such an connotation exists in this instance, we will leave you to decide.

Final menus and wines are still to be decided but will consist of a partridge salad to start, potato ravioli with venison ragu to follow and main course hopefully will be a mix roast of duck, snipe, woodcock and pheasant. We’ll finish with some lovely quince. Wine will include Dedham Vale Sparkling Wine on arrival followed by a white with partridge, two reds with each middle course and pudding wine. Tickets are £55 per person payable upon booking, non-refundable but are transferable.

Please call 01206 323351 or email to book.

Apertivo served at 7.30pm for dinner at 8pm.