Recruitment in our industry is tough. But we are proud of our record of staff retention with some members of our team giving five or more years of service and a lot three or more. We work hard to ensure all our team feel part of our business, contributing ideas for what the business is as well as how it is run. We undertake considerable constant training that covers product, processes and people. There are frequent staff outings to breweries, distilleries, restaurants and food producers as well as trips abroad that have included Gassac in France, Galicia in Spain and Porto in Portugal.


    We are always seeking happy, enthusiastic and outgoing people for front of house positions, part time and full time. We want our front of house staff to be charming and intelligent, be able to multitask, be reactive and quick witted, all the while maintaining a sense of hospitality.

    Our rotas are written four weeks in advance and we seek to give every individual regular patterns of work as well as two days off together each week. You will have regular sit downs with your managers to ensure you are happy and progressing. We pay above the national minimum wages, you receive full share of the tips as well as pension, meal vouchers and company bonus. We always seek to recruit from within and always seek to move people forward.


    We occasionally have openings in our kitchen at various levels. So if you are a chef who loves to cook great food with high quality ingredients, get in touch. Like front of house, our rotas are written four weeks in advance. Our chefs work 6-7 shifts per week totally a maximum of 45 hours but if you regularly work more than this, you get paid for it. You will work in each section of the kitchen learning a multitude of skills from bread and pasta making, butchery, pastry and you will have input into our monthly changing menu. You will have the opportunity to visit food producers and eat out as a team in other restaurants for added inspiration. Like front of house, we always seek to promote from within and always seek to move people forward.


    Once we have a position that needs filling, we request you send us your CV and a covering letter stating why you would like to work for us and what you are going to contribute to our business. We will then invite you in for an interview/assessment/trail which generally takes around 2 hours. During this time, you will have the chance to ask us as many questions as you like so come prepared. During the assessment/trail section, depending on your position, we will be looking for people to have energy, initiative, awareness and personality. If you are a chef, you will be asked to do some prep then cook a dish using any of the ingredients in the kitchen. Once we have seen all candidates we will make a decision and inform you of it. If you join us, you will be inducted and given contracts, handbooks and relevant company information. You will spend the first 6 shifts as an extra person while you learn the basics of your role. You will then undergo thorough training over the next six weeks until you are fully inducted.