H.M. Government has published guidelines on keeping customers and staff safe in pubs. This is how we intend to do adhere to them…….

Your experience with us may look a little different in these new times, but we hope it will feel the same. Our team will be caring for you and delivering the same attention to detail and service that we provided before with enhancements. We are putting measures in place to keep you and our teams safe so that you can relax and confidently enjoy your visit us. We want to carry out these measures in a way that is true to who we are, so whilst the health and safety of our team and guests is our absolute top priority, we still want you to be able to relax in a space that feels familiar. The finer details will be continually reviewed as we adapt to the new normal. For now, this is how we intend to operate.


We will follow all government guidelines and work on best practice measures. We will complete all necessary risk assessments and certification to validate our policies; all procedures and assessments will be constantly reviewed and updated where necessary in line with government guidelines. This will be a joint effort between our team and guests, so we urge you to please use maximum common sense to play your part in keeping everyone safe. We will be doing the same for you.

All our staff will have temperatures checked and logged along with a daily audit of their health and wellbeing. A full digital record of this will be kept. Any team member showing any symptoms or who’ve knowingly been in contact with anyone with symptoms will not allowed to work for 14 days. If you have been in the same position, we urge you to do the same.


Our building is old and quirky and while it presents challenges, we are confident safe distancing can be maintained. This is essential to help stop the spread of the virus, but we still want you to be social and enjoy interacting with our team. Please use common sense and be responsible for your own distancing during your visit, moving around the pub, for your own wellbeing and that of other guests and our team. Weather permitting, our garden and terrace have been worked on for you to enjoy food and drinks outside.

We will not have perspex screens on the bar or between tables. We have removed tables and seats to reduce capacity from 68 to 51 in dining areas; from 30 to 20 in the oak room, and there is no standing capacity in bar areas. There is one meter plus between each table. Nearly all tables are positioned so that you will have your back to another party and if alongside, it will at a distance greater than 1.5m. Where we can, a one-way system will be in place to manage entry and exit from the pub. There will be clear signage to assist with this. All service for food and drinks will be provided at the table and so guests will be unable to buy drinks from the bar. Our menu and drinks list will be available to view on your phone and we will also have some on display and printed.


We will have numerous sanitiser bottles and disposable wipes throughout the building including at the entrance to the loos. We will enhance all our cleaning protocols throughout the building. Our team will be washing their hands regularly and will have gloves available if required. We won’t be wearing masks and don’t require our guests to. We have no objection to those guests who wish to. In our kitchen, our team will be working in sections that are far apart and will be enhancing working practices that were already 5*, even more.

Before we reopen, all our team will have relevant training and guidance to be able to work confidently with these new measures and operations in place. And they will undergo regular training as guidance is updated and we adapt with it.


We operate a booking system, even for just drinks, but we don’t want to lose the essence of being a pub you can pop to on a whim so will keep some tables over for walk ins. The government have requested that we obtain contact details of all those who visit which the booking system with securely hold. The maximum size table we can book is for 6 people. We will follow government guidelines on household get-togethers and we ask and trust that all guests will also adhere to these guidelines. If you are checking into a room, on arrival, please enter the pub via the front door WITHOUT your luggage and we will show you to your room. We are happy to carry luggage and our staff will sanitiser their hands before and after doing so.